Somatic Processing - 5 Sessions


$1,350.00 USD

Hello! I believe every human makes sense once we understand the impact of their past experiences. I believe every human has the ability to change as long as they remain open to change. I believe most people are open to change as long as it is at the pace and the way that feels right to them. My approach is not cookie-cutter because I know every single person with whom I work is different. My sessions are tailored to meet my client's unique needs. I am a lifetime learner and I have made the commitment to myself to always continue my own personal and professional growth so this can reflect in the work I do with my clients.

All clients are asked to remember and follow the guidelines listed below.

1. The work I do is not considered therapy and it isn't a substitute for therapy.

2. The client is responsible for seeking the support of professionals if they feel somatic sessions trigger unhealed wounds that cannot be processed in somatic sessions and/or if it falls beyond the scope of somatic sessions  (i.e. professional counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, medical professionals, support groups, and other experts).

3. Somatic work impacts everyone differently. A percentage of the population who does somatic processing may experience physical pain or other symptoms that can range from a few seconds during session to longer term after sessions. I have no control over how the body processes and by agreeing/ signing this contract you release Yolanda Renteria, PLLC of any responsibility.

4. If a client expresses intent to harm themselves, others, or discloses child abuse, I will do my best to address one on one with individual but may be required to report by law. Safety is the priority. Please be aware that laws vary from state to state and country to country.

5. Avoid abusive behaviors and language. Though profanity that is not directed at others is allowed.

6. Please respect the privacy of the session by not recording virtual sessions.

7. One session is 1 hour unless scheduled otherwise.

8. No selling or solicitation.

9. Please not attend the sessions if you are intoxicated.

10. Yolanda Renteria, PLLC. is allowed to contact you on the above provided contact info.

11. Refund Policy: There are no refunds available for single sessions and there will be a 30% cancellation fee on the remaining balance for multi-session packages purchased regardless of reason to cancel. Yolanda Renteria, PLLC., reserves the right to terminate a client at any time for any reason.

12. No Show/ Late Fees Policy: Scheduling your session means I cannot schedule anyone else at the time we are working together. In the event of a no show without notification, the person is responsible to pay the full amount of the session OR if a package was purchased, a no show will still count as a session. In the event the client is running late, the client is expected to notify Yolanda Renteria by emailing her at [email protected]. If Yolanda is not notified, she will only wait 15 minutes before the session is marked as a no-show.

13.  Cancellation/ Rescheduling Policy: Clients are expected to cancel/ reschedule appointments at least 24 hours before.

14. Email with any questions. [email protected]

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