Hi! I’m Yolanda


In my time as a Therapist, I noticed people made great progress from talk therapy alone. Yet, there were some people who kept feeling stuck and hopeless. I decided then I had to do more.

This was my first step in becoming a trauma informed professional; I trained in Somatic Processing and Brainspotting. The changes I see and the feedback I receive from clients is mind-blowing. People who have felt stuck for years started reporting incredible shifts within just a few sessions.

My philosophy


I believe every human makes sense once we understand the impact of their past experiences. I believe every human has the ability to change as long as they remain open to change. I believe most people are open to change as long as it is at the pace and the way that feels right to them. My approach is not cookie-cutter because I know every single person with whom I work is different. My sessions are tailored to meet my client’s unique needs.

I am a lifetime learner and I have made the commitment to myself to always continue my own personal and professional growth so this can reflect in the work I do with my clients.

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People with whom I work tend to report increased awareness, less triggers, more manageable emotions, shifts in perception and inner dialogue, reduction of chronic pain, increased confidence, ability to set boundaries, inner peace, feeling more grounded, improved relationships, feeling more connected, revisiting past memories without distress, and other people noticing their change.




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